Francis Vingoe (Artist) 1879-1940

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               Francis Vingoe was an artist travelling around the counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire where he lived.


 He would show his paintings to a householder, offer to paint their property, for a small fee, and make a start there & then. There must be hundreds of his paintings left hanging in houses and farms, or languishing in attics and antiques shops.
                   If you have one and would like to add a scanned photo to the collection please get in touch.

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I have tried to identify the locations of many of these paintings but often this is difficult, due to the physical changes over time to the landscape. Sometimes the houses themselves have been entirely demolished, and in their place large modern estates or motorways have been built over the site. Other  grander buildings have become Hotels or converted into flats.

One owner of a picture has enquired about the identity of one such  painting. We know that it was located somewhere near Wokingham, but the identity is not clear. The name of  'Buckhurst House' on the London Road has been mentioned.


I know the owner of the painting has been researching it for a while and so I have posted it here at his request to see if anyone can readily identify the house. There are family connections to one property where the owner's family was once employed. This 'Buckhurst House' looked hopeful below, but the building pictured bears little resemblance to that in the painting




                        1908  postcard of 'Buckhurst' above looks nothing like the property in the painting.



 Another possible property has changed its name several times over the last 100 years, totally confusing the issue!                 It lies close to the London Road in another location, with a 'Buckhurst Farm' adjoining the Southern Railway line.           see 1933 map above.


The property known as 'Frog Hall' has variously been known as 'Frog Hill' & 'Waterloo'. These are pictures 'on line' that look very like the above. It also lies close to the London Road, but how far away was it from 'Buckhurst House' in 1908?           Any help with location the current location of the subject of this painting would be welcome.

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Handpost Farm, Maidens Green, Winkfield, Berkshire

 Francis Vingoe 1905.

Photo courtesy of  Ruth J.C. Timbrell.  




Halfway House 1906

Above Halfway House Inn 2013.

A325 Bucks Horn Oak, Alice Holt Forest.



Hall Barn Estate, Bucks 1908.

Hall Barn Estate, Beaconsfield, Bucks in 2010.

Hall Barn Estate - Burtley Cottages 1908.

Hall Barn Estate- Burtley Cottages 2012

Now cut off from the Main House and  Estate by the nearby motorway.


 Barton House, East Lockinge, then in Berkshire c1911.


  Barton House, East Lockinge, now in Oxfordshire 2010.


Unusual subject for Francis; a still life entitled ''Luxury with Necessity' 1911.


Poulters Bridge Cottage, Crookham Village, Hampshire 1900.

Contributor informs me the place is much the same but it looks double the size.

Beside the Basingstoke Canal  before any renovation. Photo in booklet of the

Surrey & Hampshire Canal Society & Inland Waterways Association in 1968.

Poulters Bridge Cottage, Crookham Village, Hampshire 2014 Renovation complete

photo with thanks:



I have not been able to establish the location of this substantial Farmhouse yet!
Clapper Boarding construction suggests perhaps somewhere in Kent.

This is the front view of the farm and yard. Oast Houses add credence to it being in the Kent area



Recent acquisition but contributor knows nothing of its history or location ..any ideas anyone?

Will most likely be in the Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxford, Buckinghamshire area.

                                                              Another unknown location painted by Francis Vingoe in 1910 and acquired at a Flea Market by Alison.
                                              Sadly she does not know the location of the house, though it is likely to be in the Wokingham -Berkshire area.
                                              Does anyone recognise it? I found her email  in my 'trash box' and forwarded to myself but her email address
                                               was lost in the switch, and I had emptied my trash bin! I have put the picture of the house up on the website:
                                                                                                  Alison please get in touch again!


  This painting of another unknown house arrived in my inbox with no details as to location!  

It was bought by a visitor to Canada, where Francis lived for a time. The painting was rescued last month and taken back to China


Francis Vingoe artist detail signature 1905

A close-up of the house

It stands in a very large garden, probably somewhere on the home counties in the year 1905.

Anyone think they know where this is?


Yet another unknown house painted by Francis in 1905. This work was found in  San Diego California !

Boar's Head Inn, Ardington, Oxfordshire c1910   

[Thanks to Oxfordshire County Museums-gift from Dr R. Squires, 1980]

Boar's Head Inn, Ardington, Oxfordshire postcard c1915  


Boar's Head Inn, Church Street, Ardington, Wantage, Oxfordshire  c2000


The "Lord Nelson" Inn, Wantage, Oxfordshire.

[Thanks to Oxfordshire County Museums-gift from Dr R. Squires, 1980]

The "Lord Nelson" Inn, Wantage, Oxfordshire today


 The 'Home of the Village Blacksmith' [W.G. Tombs] Winkfield, Berkshire nr. Windsor 1904

Threeways, King Street, Odiham, Hants 1909

The Lodge Gate, 'The Oaks',  Sunning Hill, Berkshire 1905.    1 of a series of 4

 Front view of 'The Oaks', Sunninghills, Berks.1905                  2 of a series of 4

 Front of 'The Oaks', Sunninghills, Berks.1905          3 of a series of 4

 Front of  'The Oaks', Sunninghills, Berks.1905                     4 of a series of 4


Shalsbrook Cottage, Forest Row, Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex 1915  [thanks to David Purcell]

Shalsbrook Cottage, Forest Row, Royal Ashdown Forest Sussex from  1st green of Golf Club [David Purcell]

Shalsbrook Cottage, Forest Row, Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex 2011


Main House, Forest Row. Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex [thanks to David Purcell]


Main House, Forest Row, Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex  [David Purcell]  Golf Club created 1971

Main House, Forest Row, Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex [David Purcell]   Golf Club created 1971


Bowlings Farm House, Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire 1903


Court Farm House

Hurst Bowling Green Berks c1910

Hurst Bowling Green Berks c1910

Hurst Bowling Green Berks c2010

Virginia Water Tea House, Surrey 1905   courtesy of “S.A. Oliver Trust Collection at Chertsey Museum”


 Ruins Virginia Water, Surrey.


Poulete Lodge, South Front, Thames Riverside Villa 1905


                                                                                              Sandhurst, Berkshire [thanks to Katie Deacon]




                                                          Farley Court, Farley Hill,  a picture recently purchase at auction by Bob De Lacy.


                                                        Farley Hall, Farley Hill (geograph 3342576).jpg         

                                            Front elevation 2000 photo courtesy Stephen Richards          Farley Court view as top painting  by Francis Vingoe 



                                                        A month before Christmas I received a message from Vanessa in New Zealand, telling me she had two of paintings by  my

                                                        distant elative, Francis Vingoe. One was of her Great Grand parent's house in Aldershot Road, [the street address in 1930

                                                        was about 146  Aldershot Road, Church Crookham] Another was of the Parish Church but is not to hand at present. They

                                                        were both painted  "at a rough guess" in the early  1900’s. The  one above is of the 'Aldershot Road' house. Her Great,

                                                         Grandparents emigrated to New Zealand in 1920 and took the two paintings with them. They had lived in Aldershot Road

                                                         until about 1919, after  which it was sold to a builder who had offices there. A cousin visited the house a couple of years

                                                         ago and  then a lady in her 80’s was living there, and had been so for about 60 years. Her husband's family had brought  it

                                                         from  Vanessa's Great Grandparents. She was then  only living in the downstairs rooms, and  was  not sure  how much

                                                         longer she could  go on doing so, as the house was far too big for her alone!  Does anyone know of this house and  if it still

                                                         is  occupied by  this lady, or has it passed on to new owners?  We would love to know.!

                                                          I have also found some old post cards of the  road concerned, dating back to the early 1900, and, although the houses are

                                                          generally well hidden by trees, someone who knows the area well might be able to spot the right one. The four chimney -

                                                          pots on the stack are very distinctive, but I suspect that they may have gone a long time ago!