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Awarded the George Cross  Robert John Davies G.C. 1899 -

R. J Davies was  awarded the George Cross in WW2 for defusing a bomb that fell in St Paul's Cathedral yard, London 

An American war reporter called Ernie Pyle was living in London at the time of the bombing and wrote the following:

"The greatest of all the fires was directly in front of us. Flames seemed to whip hundreds of feet into the air. Pinkish-white smoke ballooned upward in a great cloud, and out of this cloud there gradually took shape - so faintly at first that we weren't sure we saw correctly - the gigantic dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. St. Paul's was surrounded by fire, but it came through. It stood there in its enormous proportions - growing slowly clearer and clearer, the way objects take shape at dawn. It was like a picture of some miraculous figure that appears before peace-hungry soldiers on a battlefield".

The medals of Lieutenant Robert Davies GC  

The medals of Lieutenant Robert Davies GC, Royal Engineers
(Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, London) 

Imperial War Museum London - Victoria Cross And George Cross
Victoria Cross and George Cross Exhibition. See the Exhibits and Firearms homepage for more facts and information on the Victoria Cross and George Cross.  

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