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Documents Branch Line Name LifeSpan   Marriage Father Mother
      RAWLING, Mary   HARVEY, Abednego (1751)    
      RAWLINGS, Catherine alive      
      RAY, James Frederick alive ELLIS, Ann (1902)    
      RAY, May alive ELLIS, John    
      REED, George alive      
      REED, Margaret   VINGOE, John (1729)    
      REED, Mary 1643 - 1708 VINGOE, Jenkin (1665) REED, George Reed, Mary
      Reed, Mary alive      
      REMPHREY, Elizabeth   VINGOE, Jenkin (1726)    
      Reseigh, Alice 1784 - 1860 Vingoe, Henry (1806) Reseigh, William Warren, Mary
      Reseigh, William alive Warren, Mary (1777)    
      REYNOLDS, Frederick   VINGOE, Helena (1898)    
      Reynolds, Ms. alive Vingoe, Francis (1938)    
      REYNOLDS, Rachel alive      
      Rhodda, Anna Maria 1831 - 1864 Barnes, Joseph (1856)    
      RICHARDS, Dorothy   VINGOE, Richard (1925)    
      RICHARDS, Honour   VINGOE, Francis (1822)    
      Richards, Mary J alive Wills, James (1821)    
      RICHARDS, Phillis alive BLEWETT, Michael (1882)    
      ROBBINS, Catherine 1853 Vingoe, Alexander (1878) Robins, William TRACE, Elizabeth
      ROBERTS, Sarah alive VINGOE, William    
      Robins, William 1811 TRACE, Elizabeth (1852)    
      Robinson, William alive Vingoe, Mary (1850)    
      Rodda, Constance 1779 - 1849 Vingoe, William (1801)    
      ROGERS, Elizabeth ???? - 1854 VINGOE, Mathew (1802)    
      Rogers, Sarah alive Grenfell, Richard    
      ROUFFIGNAC, Ambrose Kerrel 1831 - 1899 GLASSON, Mary    
    ROUFFIGNAC, Ambrose Kerrel, b.1859 1859 - 1861   ROUFFIGNAC, Ambrose GLASSON, Mary
    ROUFFIGNAC, Ann Pearce 1861 - 1861   ROUFFIGNAC, Ambrose GLASSON, Mary
    ROUFFIGNAC, Mary 1863 - 1885   ROUFFIGNAC, Ambrose GLASSON, Mary
      Rowe, Annie ???? - 1896 Vingoe, Alfred (1892) Rowe, William  
      ROWE, Elizabeth Hicks ? alive BOTTREL, Henry    
      Rowe, William alive      
      Rowe, William, Marr alive Grenfell, Mary (1860)    
      Rowe, William, marriage alive Grenfell, Grace (1863)    
    Ruberry, Constance Jane Trevennen 1855   Ruberry, Trevennen Vingoe, Elizabeth
    Ruberry, Mary Elizabeth Vingoe 1856   Ruberry, Trevennen Vingoe, Elizabeth
      Ruberry, Richard alive ?, Jennifer    
    Ruberry, Richard, b.1858 1858   Ruberry, Trevennen Vingoe, Elizabeth
      Ruberry, Trevennen 1814 Vingoe, Elizabeth Ruberry, Richard ?, Jennifer
    Ruberry, William Vingoe 1859   Ruberry, Trevennen Vingoe, Elizabeth
      Russell, Honor, 1791 1791 - 1869 Ellis, Francis (1836)    
      Rutherford, Alexander alive Vingoe, Ruby    
      Rutherford, John Thomas 1894 - 1962 Vingoe, Roma (1924) Rutherford, Robert Gregg, Sarah
    Rutherford, Kenneth Alexander alive   Rutherford, Alexander Vingoe, Ruby
    Rutherford, Maureen McConnell alive Nieland, Thomas Rutherford, Richard Vingoe, Mary
      Rutherford, Richard Alexander 1880 - 1990 Vingoe, Mary (1923) Rutherford, Robert Gregg, Sarah
    Rutherford, Richard Malcolm 1924 - 2003   Rutherford, Richard Vingoe, Mary
      Rutherford, Robert alive Gregg, Sarah