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Richard Vingoe  c1675 St Levan - 1714 Madron 


The Vingoe Farm Settlement of Boswarva



Henry Herbert VINGOE of Madron & Penzance

 Lost at sea on passage to Auckland, NZ, on emigrant ship 'Cospatrick' when it caught fire south of the Cape of Good Hope in 1874.Only three of the 472 persons on board survived.  For more details see http://www.theshipslist.com/accounts/cospatrick.html



 William Henry VINGOE of Madron & Penzance

Inventor and Naturalist



Francis VINGOE  of Madron & London




DAVY/DAVEY  Family of  Raginnis in Paul Parish Cornwall

 Sarah VINGOE : bt 24 Mar 1805 Madron

 died 25 Oct 1893 Parkside Adelaide  S.AUS.