Early Vingoe Records


Nicoll WYGGO 1545 Lay Subsidy Roll

Nicholl VYNGOW - 1569 Muster Roll

Mawgan in Meneage Marriages.

John UMEGO to Christian RESKILLIE - 3rd March 1605

John VINEGOE to Alice RICHARD - 8th Jan 1620


Digory VINGOE - Will of  1702

About Jenkin VINGOE

Although Jenkyn could possibly be a son of Digory Vingoe of Helston [also a Quaker] Digory in his Will only mentions  his daughters, Jane STEPHENS & Sarah BUSISTOW, & his cousin, William VINGOE of Sennen, to whom he leaves some land in Sennen Parish. 

In the Lay Subsidy of 1680 there are two men named Jenkin Vingoe paying monies at the same time. One is a son of John & Joan Vingoe; the other is possibly John's brother. Which one of these two is Jenkin the Quaker is not known. It is possible that both Jenkin and Digory were sons of John Vingoe [husband of Joan] by previous marriages, but its unlikely he would then have called another son Jenkin.

I have a John Vingoe marrying twice at Mawgan in Meneage; firstly in 1605 to Christian Reskillie and secondly in 1620 to Alice Richards. These two John's  might be the same person, father and son: or half brothers: or even nephew and uncle; too many gaps in the records to tell!

Most of the following early information has been provided by Quaker records as Sennen records before 1700 were destroyed. Jenkin was a member of the Lands End Quakers and he and Digory were both imprisoned for their beliefs.

To read more on this go to Sennen QUAKERS ( link below). The photos are of the outside and inside of the Quaker Burial Ground where he his wife and son Seth are buried.

Source: "Records of the Lands End Meeting", Cornwall Records Office

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