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Paul / Newlyn Graves

Thomas Ellis Vingoe

Who died at Newlyn Dec.3rd 1901, Aged 59 years

He is safe in his fathers house above

In the place prepared by a Saviours love

To depart from a world of sin and strife

And to be with Jesus - Yes this is life.


Also of

Harriet Vingoe

Wife of the above who died March 30th 1927

Aged 83 years

At Rest.



Elizabeth Vingoe

Daughter of the above died March 30th March 1937, aged 67 years


Also of

Harriet Vingoe

Daughter of the above who died Dec. 2nd 1953 aged  ?? years


Margaret Harvey

Daughter of the above


In Loving Memory of

Captain Alfred Vingoe

Harbour Master, Lifeboat Coxswain

Master Mariner and Pilot

1869 - 1954

And His Beloved Wife

Mary Ellen Vingoe

1873 - 1955


In Memory of

Richard M Vingoe

Who Died At

Clifton, Newlyn, October 24th


Aged 76 Years

Free From A World Of Grief  And Sin

With God Eternally Shut In


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