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Vingoe Faces & Places ( Newlyn Branch)

This album contains a few photographs of the people, places and press cuttings that make up part of our family story. If you have anything that you would like to add then please contact me.

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On Newlyn Beach 

Sandra & Colin Vingoe, with cousin Jeffrey Ladner on the beach at Newlyn in1953. The second photo is of Sandra & George's son Bryn at the same spot  in 1971

Sandra & Bob Vingoe on a visit to the Land's End in 1960. This is where our Vingoe story began with the marriage of John  Vingoe & Jone Nicholas c1622.

Trewarveneth Street School Newlyn  

Top class of 60 pupils with an  age range of 2 yrs. Me on end left, 3rd row back. This was  the class of  the headmistress, Miss Harvey. c1950.




Newlyn St Peter's Church Panto.

"Jack and the Beanstalk" performed circa Jan 1952.The music that year included songs from "South Pacific".  The final love duet at the end between the Principal Boy [ ....George]  & Principal Girl  [Helen Williams] was the highlight of the show. That's me 5th from the left on the front row.









View towards Penzance from 'Trecarrel'

This was the home of Robert & Elsie Vingoe until 1962 when Robert died. They had bought the plot of  land for 400 in 1934 from Mr Bettens, a local farmer.

For 400 more his 1st cousin, Frederick 'Ferdy ' Weeks built the  bungalow for them to their own plans. Ferdy's father had built  'Penwith  House'  for Bob's parents  in 1901. 'Trecarrel'  went out of the family in 2003 when it was sold by Sandra's brother Colin.


Robert Vingoe 1909 - 1962 

Robert was born 2 June 1909 at Penwith House, St Peter's Hill, Newlyn.  His first job was with W & S Stevenson  when as an errand boy he  rode a pushbike up and down the hills of Newlyn Town & Street Nowan. He  delivered goods  from  their bake house and stores in Newlyn  He was later  an auctioneer on Newlyn fish market &  travelled each winter with the  Newlyn fleet to Plymouth for the herring season. It was there in 1932 that he met my mother,  Elsie May Easton. During WW2 he was  first assigned to the  local Home Guard  unit and afterwards into the Royal Navy.  Initially he was a despatch rider between the naval bases of Newlyn & Penzance.   He also served on Atlantic Convoys on escort ships and at the D Day landings.  He was  taken ill  in Oct 1961 and died 5 months  later  on 23 March 1962 at the age of 52  from cancer of the stomach.

Elsie May Vingoe nee Easton

Elsie Easton was born 17 January 1910 at  2 Lambhay Hill, Plymouth. In 1932, after she was engaged, she followed my father back to Newlyn. For a time before her marriage she worked as a parlour maid at Malt House, Newlyn for the Sherwood-Hunter family

 Thomas Ellis Vingoe 1873 - 1953

Thomas Ellis was the eldest son of Thomas Ellis Vingoe and his wife Harriet Weeks. He was born in a tiny cottage at Prospect  Place, Trewarveneth, Street, one of a family of eleven children. When he married Phyllis Sampson in 1901 they moved to Penwith House, St Peter's Hill, Newlyn. This was one of a pair of houses, his brother Robert Vingoe living next door. Tom, as well as owning the fishing boat 'Carina'  No. 473, was coxswain of the lifeboat 'Elizabeth & Blanch II' when she was  stationed  in Newlyn harbour. They saved 14 lives in the rescue of the barque 'Saluto'  in the 'Great Gale' of Dec 1911. The photo shows him reading a telegram of thanks from the ship owners 

He was  first a lay preacher at Ebenezer Chapel on Boase Street & at the Primitive Methodist Chapel when it was newly built in 1927 in Church Lane, Belle View,Newlyn, .